Dear Friend,

As you may have noticed by the masthead, Hothead Studios has a new name: HeavyDuty Branding.

When I founded the company in 1993, our business was in a different place. At the start, we focused solely on retail and consumer events. And while the name Hothead Studios has served us well—the work we’ve done has evolved over the last 22 years. As we added clients like Georgia-Pacific, General Cable, Cloud Sherpas, and Avure Technologies, we realized that it was time to re-visit our company branding.

For our next act, we wanted to create a brand that would better reflect our client base and increased breadth of service offerings. As HeavyDuty Branding, we’ll be more aligned with our core customers: manufacturers, distributors and service providers. We understand the tough business challenges you face. And our background in retail and consumer marketing allows us to approach B2B challenges with a B2C sensibility.

At HeavyDuty Branding, we believe that in order to tell a complex story, you must first be able to tell a simple one. That starts with answering three fundamental questions: Why? How? What?

Do you have a story to tell? I’d love to chat and tell you how we can make you a HeavyDuty Brand.

Aside from our new company name, you can continue to expect the same level of creativity and service from our team. You can also expect great new additions to our capabilities.

Want to know more? Please check out Or even better—call anytime! I’d love to share the details of our exciting news.



Mark Baker, Founder
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