What internships do you offer? We offer design and marketing internships throughout the spring, summer, and fall sessions. 

Are your internships paid? Yes! Both the design and marketing interns are compensated $10 an hour. 

What are the pay periods for interns? All employees are paid via direct deposit bi-monthly on the 15th and last day of every month for the previous pay period. For example, the paycheck cut on February 15th is for the hours worked January 16th-31st. 

What is the time commitment for the internship? Our internships are typically 3-4 months long with the intern working 10-37.5 hours per week based on their schedule and our availability. 

Who is eligible for the internship program at HeavyDuty Branding? College students or recent graduates are welcome to apply, preferably with related course work or experience. 

Does every applicant get an interview? No, there is a first round cut based on application question answers, resume, and cover letter. For more on our interview process, visit our internships page

How many interns are chosen? Usually there are 1-4 interns per term working at HeavyDuty Branding, depending on demand.

What is the video interview like? The chosen applicants will be contacted by email to schedule a first round video interview with the VP of Marketing. Each applicant will be given the same set of questions beforehand to prepare answers. During the interview, the applicant will share their answers with the VP of Marketing.

What is the group interview like? After the video interview, a second round group interview is conducted. Chosen applicants will come to the office two at a time for a round table interview with the leadership team. This is an opportunity for the team to meet you and for you to see and get to know the company. 

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