Avure Technologies, the leader in high-pressure technology, was ready to unveil the latest in its series of high-pressure food processing systems, the 525L. This new model features the smallest footprint of their line, along with a 90% increase in output over its predecessors—so yes, it truly is a game-changer!

The company strategically chose to launch the 525L at the Pack Expo in Las Vegas. This trade show is the largest of its kind, which made it the perfect place to showcase the new model to key decision makers in the industry. The problem? Avure Technologies needed an exhibit with a limited budget in a short amount of time and it had to be worthy of showcasing this innovative, efficient piece of machinery. 


Avure’s Director of Marketing, Tim Hunter, contacted Exhibits South, the premier exhibit manufacturer located in Atlanta. He requested to rent an exhibit for the Pack Expo. However, being a rental, the structure could only be altered minimally.


Exhibits South had worked with HeavyDuty Branding on many similar projects and knew we had the creative juices to take complex, industrial products and present them in clever and engaging ways and formats. Therefore, they connected Tim with Mark Baker, Creative Strategist and HeavyDuty Branding’s Principal.


At HeavyDuty Branding, we’ve produced a great many trade show exhibits of all shapes and sizes, and according to all sorts of budgets. The challenge with this project, however, was time. We only had two months until the event. That may seem like an eternity, but one month was automatically depleted by the actual building, shipping and set-up of the exhibit at the show. That left just four weeks for strategy, concept and layout. 


In just one month, The HeavyDuty Branding Creative Team came back with concepts that truly transformed the standard rental booth into a high-tech showcase and reinforced the enhancements of the 525L in an unforgettable and enticing manner.
  • One display within the exhibit highlighted the larger volume output of the 525L. (Figure 1)
  • A graphic was built to showcase the smaller footprint of the new model. (Figure 2)
  • An actual conveyor belt came out of a wall to give the exhibit more depth and dimension. (Figure 3)
  • A plexi-glass window in the front of the display had rotating blue discs the size of the 525L output to create movement and interest and, again, to reinforce the higher output. (Figure 4)


The public launch of the 525L at the Pack Expo was a great success, drawing a great deal of interest from attendees, media, and customers/prospects who were invited to visit the exhibit ahead of the show. As the leader in high-pressure food processing, Avure Technologies’ presence at Pack Expo with the game-changing 525L, underscored by their strong services messaging, further strengthened their stance.


One important concept that this project reinforced is that when you foster an environment of collaboration between the client and the studio — success happens!


For more than 50 years, Avure has been the global expert in applying high-pressure technology to industrial and consumer goods manufacturing. They have an installed base of over 1,200 presses — more than all other high-pressure competitors combined —and 98% of their presses sold since the 1960s are still in operation.

An innovator with a record of firsts, Avure was the first company to create systems to produce synthetic diamonds. They were also the first company to create commercially viable systems for high-pressure removal of food-borne pathogens, substantially extending the shelf life of packaged foods without chemical additives or preservatives.
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