How We Think

At HeavyDuty Branding we believe that to tell a complex story, you must first be able to tell a simple one. This is why every client relationship we enter begins with uncovering the answers to these fundamental questions: 
WHO? In a nutshell, “WHO do you do it for?” This is the starting point. After all, your business exists to produce results for the customers you serve. Before doing anything, HeavyDuty Branding helps you discover WHO your customer really is and what they truly need.
WHY? Short for, “WHY do you do it?” WHY is a sense of purpose, your mission, your core beliefs…your raison d’etre. However you define it – it is the WHY that motivates your customers to take action. We help you discover your own WHY. And more importantly, inspire your customers to understand and believe in your WHY.
HOW? Simply put, “HOW do you do it?” This is where the sleuth work begins. HOW is your business uniquely positioned to fulfill your mission? HOW do you enact your purpose? We help you find your HOW by diving deep and relentlessly asking questions that drive true, responsive action from your customers.

WHAT? As in, “WHAT do you do?” The answer should be simple. WHAT services, products or solutions does your business offer? At HeavyDuty Branding, our WHAT is that we're a strategic marketing agency that uses logic and creativity to generate measurable results for our clients.
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